Keeping Hasankeyf Alive: Against the Ilisu Dam

 Akgün İlhan We don’t have luxury here but we aren’t hungry either. Besides we live in the most beautiful place on earth. I wouldn’t go anywhere else even if they paid me millions[1]. An inhabitant of the town of Hasankeyf [Read More…]  Read More →

Turkish PM launches 112 projects on 12.12.12

Source: Hurriyet Daily News, 12 December 2012, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan inaugurated “112 giant projects” by the Forestry and Waterworks Ministry on 12-12-2012, saying they served the whole nation and all the projects reached the entire country. [Read More…]  Read More →

China plans over 300 dam projects worldwide

Source:, 10 December 2012, A new report by the NGO, International Rivers, takes an in-depth look at the role China is playing in building mega-dams worldwide. According to the report, [Read More…]  Read More →

Iran’s Dam Policy and the Case of the Lake Urmia

Ercan Ayboğa & Akgün Ilhan Iran has been one of the states with the highest rate of dam construction worldwide in the recent years. The construction of hundreds of dams on rivers combined with a non-participative and non-democratic approach has lead to numerous ecological, social, cultural and political problems and conflicts in the past years. There is much public criticism over the intense dam building policy and its impacts. In particular,... [Read More...]

Private ownership of rivers in Turkey raises environmentalists’ eyebrows

Source: SES Türkiye, 30 March 2012 While the current administration is concerned with the country’s economic growth and development, environmentalists are worried the mismanagement of Turkey’s water resources could endanger fragile ecosystems. [Read More…]  Read More →

Three workers dead and ten missing in SE Turkey constructon collapse

Source: Hürriyet, 24 Feb 2012 Three workers were killed and ten remain missing in the southern province of Adana’s Kozan district when a dam that was under construction collapsed, Doğan news agency reported. [Read More…]  Read More →

Dams in Turkey’s Black Sea region not as clean as presumed

Resource: Hurriyet Daily News, 21.07.2010 Dams in the Black Sea region have many negative effects on the environment and residents’ everyday lives, according to a report prepared by five experts working in the Kaçkar mountains located in the north of Turkey. [Read More…]  Read More →