The Campaign “We Demand Right to Water!” started

Right to Water Campaign launched, on 17 October 2012, a nation-wide petition campaign for enforcing the Turkish Government to include “human right to water and sanitation” in the Constitution of the Republic  of Turkey.  [Read More…]  Read More →

Private ownership of rivers in Turkey raises environmentalists’ eyebrows

Source: SES Türkiye, 30 March 2012 While the current administration is concerned with the country’s economic growth and development, environmentalists are worried the mismanagement of Turkey’s water resources could endanger fragile ecosystems. [Read More…]  Read More →

Water Policies that Deepen the Water Crisis in Turkey

We publish the short version of the speech made by Dr. Akgün İlhan at “The Panel on Water Policies that Deepen the Water Crisis in Turkey” – 10th of December 2011 / Istanbul. [Read More…]  Read More →

Privatization of Water in Turkey and the Right to Water

As Right to Water Campaign, for a while, we have been considering to deal with the bottled water issue presented as “healthy, natural, most ideal” drinking water. How come while not a long time ago we had been supplying our drinking water from the taps in our houses, now we have become to use the tap water just for cleaning? How come it has become obligatory (or we are obliged) to use dispenser size water instead of tap water and to pay for this... [Read More...]