No Democracy Without Water Justice!

Right to Water Campaign organised, 2 November 2013, a panel and forum under the name “No democracy without water justice! Defending our commons and right to water”. [Read More…]  Read More →

No Democracy Without Water Justice! Defending Our Commons & Right to Water

Panel & Forum 2 November 2013, Saturday, Hour: 13.00-18.00 Taxim Hill Hotel / Taksim (Istanbul) 1st Session: Water for life, not for TOMA[*]! Taksim Square is where the worldwide known Gezi Protests broke out in June 2013 in Turkey. Taksim means distrubition in Arabic and Turkish. There is a three centruies old water cistern called ‘Taksim Maksemi’ in the very same square. This cistern was used for distributing water coming from different... [Read More...]

Right to water: From peoples’ rights to rivers’ rights

The world has been facing a severe water crisis. One out three people in the world does not have enough water for meeting his/her basic needs such as drinking and cleaning. [Read More…]  Read More →